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From: Steve Greenfield (steve_greenfield@taligent.com)
Date: Wed Jul 05 1995 - 12:10:58 EDT

Mail*Link(r) SMTP Unicode Shipments are being temporarily


The U.S. Postal Services (USPS) utilizes commercial aircraft to transport
the mail. In an attempt to thwart the efforts of the Unabomber, the Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) has imposed restrictions on the usage of
commercial & passenger airlines to transport the mail. These restrictions
have already had a direct impact on every employee and customer who utilizes
the USPS. Mail destined for California is not effected by these new

Effective June 27, 1995 all USPS Express Mail, Priority Mail, First-Class
Mail, international air mail and military mail originating in California
and weighing over 12 ounces will be returned to the sender. These same
classes of mail weighing over 11 ounces and left in a drop box or taken
to the local Post Office will also be returned to the sender. By midnight
6/27/95, each USPS drop box should have a sticker on it detailing this new
return-to-sender procedure.

USPS window clerks will not accept Express Mail, Priority Mail, First-Class
Mail, international air mail or military mail weighing over 11 ounces. The
USPS is allowing packages over 11 oz. to be sent via SURFACE MAIL. This
will temporarily be the method used by Unicode, Inc. to ship packages
domestically. International orders will be sent out by courier.
(EXCEPTIONS:) Regular letter mail, Parcel Post, international surface mail
and pieces weighing under 11 ounces that originated in California will not
be effected.

This will also not affect those orders that have requested the overnight
express service via our courier service (DHL).

I will be able to fill orders as they come in but until the Unabomber is
apprehended please expect a delay in receiving your orders from Unicode, Inc.

Thank you.
Steven A. Greenfield
Office Manager
Unicode, Inc.

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