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From: Misha Wolf (
Date: Thu Aug 31 1995 - 18:50:42 EDT


This is a somewhat belated response to your mail of September 8, 1994 (see
below). Is there a typo in your mail? Maybe "when-issued" is "w" over "i",
not "s" over "s".

I am (on behalf of Reuters) very interested in these and similar
combinations. We use the following:

   "p" over "r" (representing Preferred),

   "r" over "t" (representing Rights),

   "u" over "n" (representing Units),

   "w" over "i" (representing When Issued),

   "w" over "s" (representing Warrants).

I am trying to establish how widespread is the use of these symbols.



Does anyone know of the proper names for the following 3 glyphs that appear on consolidated tape for stocks? I couldn't find them in the Unicode book (they all take up the space of a normal upper case letter).

The ones I've found in _Wall Street Words_ by David Scott (Houghton Mifflin, 1988) are:

"r" directly over "t" (transaction of a right) "w" over "i" (transaction of less than a round lot) "s" over "s" (transaction of security on when-issued basis)

Thanks for any help!

Heather Davenport

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