Re: rationale for Hangul removal

From: Olle Jarnefors (
Date: Mon Sep 04 1995 - 11:40:04 EDT

> If you are interested in more detail, you might contact the convener of
> WG2 or your national standards body (JIS in Japan, X3L2 in the US) to
> obtain the copy of working paper N1199 which is the background paper to
> the ballot on Hangul.

If you are seriously working with or studying ISO 10646/Unicode
and need to get this information, I can send the first five
pages of this paper by fax to you. (These pages contain the
rationale for the new Hangul encoding. The following 88 pages,
which I will not send, is the complete new "Hangul 11172
Syllable Table". I expect the Unicode Consortium will make it
available over Internet.)

Send your fax number to me in a personal email message, to
<>. If I get many requests, I will probably
only be able to honor those received first.


Olle Jarnefors, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm <>

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