Re: FW- FWD>Embedded languag

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Sat Sep 09 1995 - 20:15:29 EDT

Subject: RE>FW: FWD>Embedded language ID pr Time: 4:06 PM Date: 9/9/95

> Is the Mark Davis listed below, making this proposal for Embedded
> Language Identifiers, you or someone else? It looks like there is
> another Mark Davis interested in Unicode...

Yes, the "Mark Davis" in the proposal:

         Adding Embedded Language Identifiers to Unicode Text

               Daniel Wood, Mark Davis and Mark Leisher


                        Computing Research Lab
                     New Mexico State University

is not the Mark Davis writing this message. Looks like we're going to have to
start using middle names (shows you how tricky it is sometimes to have unique


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