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From: David Goldsmith (
Date: Thu Sep 14 1995 - 16:51:14 EDT

At 12:58 PM 9/14/95, unicode@Unicode.ORG wrote:
>Would you happen to know of any code which would do the conversion from any of
>Japanese systems(JIS, Shift-JIS, etc.) to Unicode? I understand that there is
>no algorithm,
>but somebody probably had done it by using tables or something similar?
>Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The mapping tables are of course available at

There is a tool called tcs that was built as part of AT&T's Plan 9 project
that does this. You can get it from:

This tool now handles Japanese character sets correctly, I believe. I'm not
sure if the author has fixed all the problems in his handling of Big5
(Traditional Chinese).

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