Re: Help: CNS 11643 -> Unicode mapping tables

From: Misha Wolf (
Date: Thu Sep 21 1995 - 18:03:10 EDT

John and Ken - Many thanks to you both.

Our gateway must be misbehaving - I have not received a direct
copy of Ken's mail. Other replies might have gone missing too,
so my apologies to anyone else who replied and whom I've not

Rick - I'd appreciate it if you could tell me when the table
has been loaded. Thanks.



At 9:08 AM 9/20/95, Ken Lunde wrote:
> Koichi Yasuoka has built such tables. A Web Page that has
>links to these tables is:
>I also have the tables mirrored at:
>The file you want is Uni2CNS.Z.

We haven't proofed Koichi Yasuoka's tables yet, and I'd strongly recommend
they not be used until we have a chance to. He has a tendency to correct
what he feels to be "errors" in our tables and hence violate the normative
mappings of 10646.

Meanwhile, I don't know why we don't have a CNS table at the Unicode ftp
site. I'm re-uploading the table I've got, and hopefully Rick can get it
on-line fairly soon.

John H. Jenkins

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