FW: Mapping tables on v. 2.0 CD

From: Smita Desai (smita@ftp.com)
Date: Mon Oct 07 1996 - 17:30:42 EDT

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>HI All,
>The Korean (KSC 5601 and Hangul) mapping tables on the v. 2.0 CD have been authored
>by Microsoft. These do not seem to allow the use of these tables freely, the legal stuff as
>in the JIS tables. Does that mean that the Korean tables have restricted usage and we
>need to Microsoft's permission to use it in our code? If the clause was left out, can
>someone please correct it?
>Can someone please help?
>Smita Desai
>FTP Software, Inc.
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Smita Desai
FTP Software, Inc.

Tel: 508.684.6921
Fax: 508.684.6105

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