Terminal emulation

From: Frank da Cruz (fdc@watsun.cc.columbia.edu)
Date: Wed Oct 09 1996 - 19:24:27 EDT

I vaguely recall some discussion of terminal emulation back in the
early days of this mailing list, but I don't remember much about it.
But now the matter has become a bit more concrete, as I am in the
process of adapting some of our terminal emulation software to use
Unicode-based fonts. The problem that is relevant to this group is
that a number of characters are missing from Unicode 2.0:

 1. Various glyphs from the DEC Technical and DEC Special sets
 2. Display controls for ISO 6429 C1 control characters
 3. Hex bytes: 00, 01, 02, .. FF

And probably others too. Like some of those bizarre IBM 3270 glyphs
-- padlocks, running stick figures, etc, who knows what else.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is bumping into this -- or if I am,
it won't be for long. While it would be easy to make a font with these
glyphs assigned to the private use area, it would be silly because then
somebody else will come along and do the same thing, but using different
code assignments, and off we go.

Is there any interest in formulating Unicode standard code assignments
for the remaining characters needed for terminal emulation? Or should
I just "make stuff up"?


- Frank

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