Repertoires of European Letters: Draft Four

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Mon Oct 28 1996 - 07:45:15 EST

The fourth draft of TC304/WG2 Project 11, "Repertoires of characters used
for writing the indigenous languages of Europe", a draft European Technical
Report, is now available for public review. The participation of experts is
very important to this project.

This is a LARGE HTML document, as all the repertoires are gifs. I think
it's about a megabyte in size. Set your browser's memory high. Printed oout
on A4 the document is about 40 pages.

Cc:ing this to Linguist and other forums. (Actually, I'm, Bcc:ing to
prevent a plethora of Reply-to:s from proliferating over the net.)

Comment (to is invited. Guidelines for comments: don't
flame me for getting your language wrong, I am only human, and there are
more than 150 languages in this DRAFT report. What I do need is:

1) accurate data on the repertoire and sorting used (for languages for
which I have no data, such as Sardinian or Pomak)

2) confirming sources for languages for which I have data but have not
given a source (such as for Basque or Faroese)

3) accurate data (with source) for populations

I really need this material in hardcopy if possible; it can be sent to me
at one of the addresses in my signature. But you should e-mail me about
anything you are going to send.

If your language is OK, I don't need to know. Qui tacit consentire (who is
silent gives consent). Have mercy on my mailbox.

Best regards,

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