RE: 1)National sorting rules; 2) UTF in Netscape

From: Keld J|rn Simonsen (
Date: Fri Nov 08 1996 - 12:01:13 EST

unicode@Unicode.ORG writes:

> Hi Ilya,
> I am sure you saw the answers about Unicode support in Netscape by Misha
> Wolf and the pointer to the "locale" definitions on dkuug from Keld
> Simonsen.
> On culturally correct sorting you might want to look into a SC22/WG20
> work item on international string ordering. Alain LaBonte in Canada is
> the editor, the project is presently in an early committee draft state.
> We do believe though that it is technically sound and hope that it will
> go throught the ISO approval process smoothly. The standard will be
> ISO/IEC 14651, the current draft can be found on
> Be careful, the
> stuff is about 200k.

Well, the address is:


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