Re: SGML Braille [Was: HTML - i18n / NCR & charsets]

From: Misha Wolf (
Date: Tue Nov 26 1996 - 20:06:22 EST


You must have, somehow, got the impression that I know a lot about a lot
of things. Actually, I know a little about a few things and nothing at
all about most things. Braille and SGML fall into the latter category.


Can you suggest ways to follow up Murray's ideas? Isn't "Accessibility"
(I don't know how to spell it) one of the themes for the next W3C




Your recent message brings up a project I'm contemplating...

I've been working on ICADD support for HTML 3.2, with help from the Yuri Rubinsky Insight Foundation and some generous volunteers. I was wondering what your thoughts are on development of a set of Braille SGML entity sets, say for English Grade I & II, Unified, maybe several others.

With Unicode poised to support the six and eight dot glyphs, it might be a good thing to have associated ISO entity catalogs to promote standardized usage. I've not formally volunteered for this effort, as I'm soliciting feedback within the technical and Braille user communities as to feasibility and political ramifications.


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