Re: Character classification and casing and locales

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Tue Nov 26 1996 - 18:43:12 EST

We have developed a set of Java libraries for Unicode, and are working
on vanilla C++ versions. Look at for more information.


unicode@Unicode.ORG wrote:
> Is anyone working on Locale support for Unicode encoded strings ? Unless I
> misunderstand the issue, if I have a string of 16bit characters encoded in
> Unicode, and I wish to uppercase them according to the say, Czech locale, I now
> have to convert the string to Latin-2, (or whichever charset the particular OS
> supports for the Czech language), use the OS, uppercase them, and covert it
> back.
> Are there any better ways to do this, and other locale dependent character
> operations ? I guess this is a platform specific question, however we are trying
> to provide a platform independent solution, using the OS services whenever
> possible (Unix, NT etc.) All the definitions for locale that I have found have
> language, Region, character set. I havent found on any OS I have looked, support
> for Unicode locales (would that be iso10646 ???) I did find UTF8 on the HP for
> the C locale.
> Thanks for any insight. I am a fairly new person to the world of Unicode.
> Bhupinder Singh
> Bentley Systems

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