Re: Y diaeresis

From: Patrik Faltstrom (
Date: Sun Dec 01 1996 - 06:01:38 EST

At 02.47 -0800 96-12-01, unicode@Unicode.ORG wrote:
>Another difference is that the diaeresis is loosely bound to the vowel - it is
>normally a question of judgement whether it is necessary or not, and many people
>do not consider it as belonging to the spelling of the word.

Not in some languages/countries but for example in Sweden. I have been
helping an english and french speaking person learning some swedish, and there
have been some problems with for example the following two words
(note the last diaeresis):

  förstöra -- destroy
  förstora -- enlarge

With this as an example, you might understand that the difference in
Swedish (but not other languages) are the same as the difference
between the 'E' and the 'F' (just one horisontal line is different).

Cobined with the two words above there is a story abuot a note on a
paper shredder which is kind of fun -- the rest is left as an exercise
for the reader.... ;-)


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