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Date: Sun Dec 01 1996 - 12:15:48 EST

At 15:55 30/11/96 -0800, Abigail wrote:

>++ 9F (159) -- Ÿ -- Ydieresis
>It's not a letter in Dutch, but a ligature for i and j. In fact, it is
>so common that many people think ydieresis is a single letter, and in
>phonebooks, "ij" is sorted between "y". Dutch typewrites have a key for
>ydieresis (often with florin on the shift part). That is of course
>in small letters. Capitalized, it is IJ, without dots.

Yes, of course when you write ij in manuscript form, and that is frequent in
Dutch, there is no way to distinguish the two letters from a  (y diaeresis)...

And thii is interesting... it may be a mistake too use  (y diaeresis) in
Dutch and they can do whatever they want when they capitalize it, but in
French the capitalized form of the French letter  (y diaeresis) is  (Y
DIAERESIS)... in some fonts, and on some HP printers, this letter, even in
lowercase, is badly rendered as a small digraph "ij"... that is a serious
mistake... which makes me GRRRRRRRRRR...... %?$$#@#!$%?&?&**&

Alain LaBonti

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