Re: Character classification and casing and locales

From: Olle Jarnefors (
Date: Tue Dec 03 1996 - 14:40:28 EST

Otto Stolz <> wrote:

> In the Latin Extended alphabet, there are more lower-case-only characters,
> such as kra (0138), turned delta (018D), hv (0195), jota (0196), lambda

> Does anybody know any other anomaly in the uppercasing, or lowercasing, of
> any language?

0138 LATIN SMALL LETTER KRA (Greenlandic) is very similar
to a small capital "K". It is used in the older
orthography for Greenlandic. A new orthography, where it
is replaced by "q", was introduced in the 70's. The kra
is said to still be used in person names. I have never
heard of it being used in any other language.

Through correspondence with an expert on Greenland I have
learnt that, when capitalized, kra is replaced by "K'",
i.e. an ordinary "K" followed by an apostrophe.


Olle Jarnefors <>

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