Re: Thai encoding standards

From: Ibrahim Meru/Toronto/IBM (meru@VNET.IBM.COM)
Date: Tue Dec 03 1996 - 17:13:51 EST

Geoffrey Waigh wrote:

>Hello, the Unicode standard had it's Thai assignment based on TIS 620-2529
>which I was about to order from our standards body. Alas, it was
>withdrawn in 1990 and has been replaced with TIS 620-2533. Can anyone
>tell me how significant the differences are and if possible what they are?
>If there are any significant changes, does someone know how well deployed
>these two standards are?
>Geoffrey Waigh

Geoffrey, here is some information which may help you:

TIS620-2533 is the revised TIS620-2529. There's no significant difference
between the two. TIS620-2529 has been withdrawn and replaced by TIS620-
2533. Only minor details and clarifications are put into the 2533 version.
As far as Thai codepoints are concerned, they are identical.

Hope this helps.

Ibrahim Meru
IBM National Language Technical Centre,
IBM Canada Laboratory,
Toronto, Canada.

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