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Date: Wed Dec 04 1996 - 07:08:35 EST

Perhaps someone who has worked with the ASMO codesets could advise
me on the following questions? The information I have found on the
net is contradictory.

a) Is ASMO 449+ identical to ISO 8859-6? I've read that it is, but looking
at the codepages I have, there are significant differences:

0xa4 ASMO 449+ has the international curency symbol at this point,
                8859-6 has the dollar sign.
0xa1-0xc0 ASMO 449+ fills all points in this range. Only a few
                of these are used in 8859-6.
0xfb-0xfe ASMO 449+ has four characters in these points, 8859-6 has none.

From this it would be more correct to say that ASMO449+ is a near-superset
of 8859-6, but certainly not identical.

b) Is the right-hand side of ASMO 449+ really identical to the 7-bit codeset
ASMO 449? The codepage layouts I have got indicate the following differences:

0x00-0x1f, 0x7f the control characters in ASMO 449 at these points
                        are not in the top half of ASMO 449+.
0x24 ASMO 449 has the pound-sterling sign, whereas at...
0xa4 ASMO 449+ has dollar-sign.

c) Is ASMO 708 identical to ISO 8859-6? I've read that it is, but
my codepage layouts indicate one difference:
0xa4 ASMO 708 has the pound-sterling at this point,
                8859-6 has the dollar sign.

It's also not at all clear from the codepage layouts whether characters
at 0x2d (in 449, 449E and 708) and 0xad (in 449E and 708) are hyphens or

Many thanks for any advice.

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