Tempus Fugit

From: Unicode-News
Date: Tue Dec 17 1996 - 19:29:42 EST

Cherished Subscribers To Unicode Lists,

We shall shortly come to the evening of another year.
I will be away and unable to communicate for some time.
For your continued mailing convenience, I will leave
everything in free-fall between the dates of:

        December 24, 1996 and January 6, 1997

The Unicode office will also be closed:

        December 24, 25 & 31, 1996 and
        January 1, 1997

Many of you will soon be going on v a c a t i o n, perhaps
only for a day or two; but that is enough to make mailing
lists go crazy. Please be vigilant. Please guard against
infinitely bouncing messages. Please, please, please:
if you wish to unsubscribe or subscribe to the Unicode
mail list, even temporarily, do so NOW. Do not wait until
the last minute.

If you wish to go on v a c a t i o n, and leave one of
those automated attendants to reply for you, please make
certain that you use the word V A C A T I O N (without spaces!)
in the subject line of your notification messages. That
will help my autonomic reflexes behave, so your message
does not go to the entire mail list and bounce forever.

I enclose herewith my very best wishes for a relaxing
and prosperous Annual Twilight.

Enjoy your victuals, conserve oxygen, and ambulate safely.

Bon voyage!

        -- Sarasvati

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