Multiple han documents

From: Martin J. Heijdra (MHEIJDRA@pucc.PRINCETON.EDU)
Date: Wed Dec 18 1996 - 09:16:01 EST

In fact, one of the most often asked questions I recieve as an East Asian
librarian is how one can mix, in the same document, Japanese and Chinese.
Scholars in Chinese fields use lots of Japanese secondary literature. The
fact that Macs can handle this, but PCs do not (they can now be set on the fly
in either one or the other, but not both) is one of the reasons I think
Unicode will benefit PC users more than Macs!

Also, simplified and traditional character sets are sometimes useful to mix
within the same sentence, since for place names etc. they each have their own
strengths. However, this occurs only rarely in my experience (and occurs as
often as a character being outside the Unicode repertoire all together.)

Martin Heijdra

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