Unihan definitions - continued

From: Doug Schiffer (dschiffer@servtech.com)
Date: Tue Dec 24 1996 - 01:26:13 EST

Merry Christmas!

Here's a few more definitions for characters missing definitions in
the 'unihan.txt' cross reference file that comes on the new Unicode
ver 2.0 CD. These definitions come from the Giles Chinese Dictionary.

These characters had entries under the 'definition' field, but
the defintion was either blank, or "not found in dictionary'.

Giles number given as (GXXXXX)
U+633B to lead on; to delay (G9668)
U+639F (G11249)
U+65A2 (G11443)
U+65FF (G12772)
U+6610 the light of the sun issuing forth (G3514)

U+6678 The sun rising (G696)

U+66B3 Fine ; minute. Used with (G5192)[U+5612] (G5194)

U+6785 A tie-beam connecting two posts,
              or supporting the roof (G887)

U+67E7 A corner ; an angle; angular; triangular (G6215)

U+684A The ring through an animal's nose, by which it is led. (G3143)

U+6882 The cup of an accorn; the cap or shield of
              a chisel; a raft (G2319)

U+6974 (G11015)

U+6991 A tree or plant known as [U+6991|U+6851] said to
             grow where the sun rises. (G3633)

U+6A12 The eagle-wood tree or lign-aloes (<I>Aquilaria</I>
             or <I>Aloexylon</I>), found in Cambodia. Its heart
             is called garoo wood. (G7836)

U+6A53 <I>Hibiscus syriacus</I>, L., known as [U+8563|U+82F1]; used
             as a type of transitory thing (G10158)

U+6A7F The handle of a hoe; A name for the [U+842C|U+5E74|U+6728]
                  everlasting wood, used for certain parts of carts (G1223)

U+6AD1 A vase ; a jar ; an ornamental drinking-cup, made of wood
             and carved to represent clouds (G6835)

U+6BF8 To spread the wings; wings fluttering (G10429)

U+6EB3 A small branch of the river [U+6F22] Han in Hupeh (G13837)

U+6EC6 Name of a small lake [U+5408|U+6EC6|U+6E56]in the east
             of Kiangsu (G4001)

U+6F57 A fountain bubbling up; the noise of water boiling (G908)

U+6FA9 A mountain torrent (G4640)

U+701C (G13503)
U+702F (G13306)
U+7037 (G13192)

U+72EB The name of certain savage tribes, known as Laos,
              still found in Kuei-chou (G6789)

U+73DD A precious stone (G4752)

U+7462 Gems or ornaments hanging from the girdle (G5758)

U+75B6 Dysentery (G4412)

U+76AA The lustre of pearls (G6999)

U+7743 To look at carefully (G3283)

U+7805 To cross a stream on stepping stones (G7007)

U+787F A mineral, called [U+787F|U+9751] (G6600)

U+7895 A craggy shore. A stone bridge, or jetty (G997)

U+7896 Rocks ; reefs (G7470)

U+78C6 Soapstone (G5024)

U+78C8 (12572)

U+791C (13527)

U+79F7 The sound of reaping (1825)

U+7A18 A full year; an anniversary; used (with G1030[U+671F])
             on visiting cards when in mourning for one year (853)

U+7A8B to peep out of a hole ; a hole (6272)

U+7B18 a trap for catching fish; a kind of bamboo (6257) [match

U+7B4E the thin outside skin of the bamboo, used for caulking
             and other purposes (5671)

U+7B82 a variety of bamboo (6690)

U+7B84 a basket-trap for catching fish (8765)

U+7BE7 (4945)

U+7CC2 fried cakes of beef, mutton, and pork, mixed with rice

U+7D0F (12133)

U+7D9F a dark dull green (6993)

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