FW: Hyphenation Points

From: Steve Greenfield (Unicode) (v-sgreen@microsoft.com)
Date: Mon Jan 06 1997 - 11:32:39 EST

I am forwarding this on for Mr. Raner.

>From: Mirko Raner[SMTP:raner@mathema.de]
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>Subject: Hyphenation Points
>Dear Ladies,
>Dear Gentlemen,
>our company is currently developing a Unicode-conforming word-processing
>application. Especially for the process of hyphenation we have encountered
>1. How can we prohibit a hyphenation at a certain position in a word?
> Sometimes it can be necessary to insert a special character eg in order
> to prevent the hyphenation algorithm from splitting some proper name at a
> wrong position.
> We thought about using the ZERO WIDTH JOINER (U+200C) to achieve this, but
> we are not sure if this is allowed (as the ZWJ obviously has slightly
> different semantics).
>And even more important:
>2. How can hyphenation at a certain position be forced?
> Our idea is to insert a "hint character" at which a word is hyphenated
> it is split due to line boundaries; the user might want to prescribe the
> hyphenations of a word manually. Unicode provides several hyphen
> but the one we need, is an invisible (zero-width) character which simply
> tells the hyphenation algorithm to hyphenate after this position (if
> hyphenation is necessary).
>Help on how to solve these problems will surely be appreciated.
>Thank you very much in advance.
>Best regards,
>Mirko Raner
>Software Developer
>MATHEMA Software GmbH

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