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Date: Thu Jan 09 1997 - 07:27:52 EST

At 09:04 -0700 1997-01-07, John H. Jenkins answered me:

>I will freely admit, however, that, from the standpoint of a non-Utahan
>(non-Deseretian?), "Deseret script" is a better name than "Deseret Alphabet
>script". I'm perfectly willing to make the change.

From the standpoint of names in ISO 10646 I would say that DESERET LETTER
DEE is superior to DESERET ALPHABET LETTER DEE. I would like to see this

>>2. Why are all the capitals first and then all the smalls? Wouldn't it be
>>tidier to alternate them from the point view of sorting? I know,
>>historically everything follows ASCII.
>Consistency with the main Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic blocks. I certainly
>don't think that the script itself requires it in any sense.

Well those are 8859 legacies. Still, I don't suppose there is any reason to
require a change in the proposal.

>>3. Most of the character names are written as one might pronounce them.
>>Except for the short vowels, which have "short" in them. Are the spellings
>>"YEE", "CHEE", "KAY" standard in English? (Would "YI", "CHI", "KE" do as
>I'm afraid most Americans would pronounce "YI", "CHI", and "KE" as "YIH",
>"KIE", and "KEH".

This is not quite an answer to my question. Did the letters have names? Are
the letternames attested in English (latin letters)? Are they spelt this
way in those sources?

>BTW, the UTC approved the proposal for forwarding to WG2 as a Unicode
>contribution last month, so I'm cc-ing this conversation there-ward. I
>hope you don't mind. (X3L2 approved it, too.)

Certainly I do not mind! If you have seen my current Roadmap to Plane 1 you
will see that I propose the positions WC900-WC94F for Deseret.

>Interested parties can find the current version of the proposal at

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