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From: Sandeep Sibal (
Date: Thu Jan 09 1997 - 11:58:05 EST

Adrian Havill <> wrote:
> The previous page I mentioned goes so far as to seem to imply that
> Unicode will cause the extinction/bastardization of non-European
> languages! He also implies that Unicode was designed by people that know
> nothing and/or are insensitive about non-European languages.

Well, I think everyone should be able to express themselves freely.
The strength of a standard is really its ability to respond to
such criticisms.

> While I'm about to use company plastic to get an "individual membership"
> to the Unicode Consortium, I don't think the observation rights, the
> minutes, and general distribution lists will answer the about most
> peoples doubts in a user-friendly manner.

I do agree; but short of having information online, tidbits will help.
I made an attempt at doing this a while ago. See:

> Q: What is the chance of Unicode not having the Han character I need for
> a current/modern Chinese/Japanese surname/given name/word? Are there
> characters I can enter on my JIS/Big5/GB set that I can't enter in
> Unicode?

True. Not everyone is a software developer. However computers are
becoming so pervasive, that limitations of an encoding scheme can
stunt language expression. Linguists, folks whose mother-tongue is
XYZ have as much of an interest in Unicode. Unlike for example a
traffic management standard for Asynchronous Transfer mode!

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