Re: Arabic Requirements of the BMP

From: Joan Aliprand (BR.JMA@RLG.ORG)
Date: Fri Jan 10 1997 - 16:16:26 EST

Rick wrote:
>Michael said, regarding the enormous Arabic ligature set...
>>> Well, font implementors like me will do the stuff, anyway.
>Not necessarily so. I think it really is a big waste zone. Have you talked
>to Thomas Milo lately? Decotype (those who kindly implemented all of the
>ligatures to print the standard!) has really world-class Arabic support &
>fonts. I don't think they're rushing out to supply all of these "useless"
>ligatures to end-users, and I doubt they'd assert their usefulness.

Tom Milo will be speaking at the next Unicode Conference (Mainz, Germany,
March 10-12). I heard his presentation "Encoding Sense and Nonsense - The
Arabic Ligature" at the 9th Conference in San Jose. If you are interested
in Arabic typography, it is a real "eye-opener"!

-- Joan Aliprand
   Research Libraries Group

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