Re: Arabic Requirements

From: Jonathan Rosenne (
Date: Sat Jan 11 1997 - 16:29:28 EST

Terry Allen wrote:
>As I made no mention of precomposed letters in other alphabets, I
>reject the ad hominem charge of cultural bias.

1. I didn't mean to write ad hominem, and I think you were not the only one
claiming against the Arabic precomposed letters. In any case, please accept
my appologies if you felt I was getting personal.

2. "I made no mention of precomposed letters in other alphabets" - that's
precisely the point, no one did.

3. I'm afraid my intention was misunderstood - I'm for deprecating all
precomposed characters in Unicode. I think they are in general an
unnecessary complication. (I have no opinions on Devangari , with which I
am not familiar).

4. Regarding the fact that some of these characters are letters in some
languages, or that they need special considerations for sorting and other
similar requirements, my advice is to use computers. Unicode is not
indended for humans to read directly, a computer is expected to render the
text in a human readable form, and sorting etc. is also done with the aid
of computers and software.

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