Re: Cultural bias

From: Maurice J Bauhahn (
Date: Mon Jan 13 1997 - 09:51:08 EST

I do not believe we should be overly concerned with density of information
coding. Communications technology has increased its capacity 100 fold per
decade over the past two decades while computing technology has only
increased its capacity about 10 fold per decade in the same timeframe. The
cost of RAM and hard disk storage has plummeted in my neck of the woods
over the past two months to the point that even on my starving student
standards (wish it showed at the waistline!) I can be carefree about data
storage. The goal is to minimize processing time (not display time which
only has to keep up with our slow eyes). I can appreciate the concern of
people with non-GUI problems...but there is little they can do with
scripts as complicated as Khmer and Devanagari in any case. We certainly
should not burden a futuristic standard with a command line interface
which is losing share in the marketplace in any case. Obviously no
standard can be expected to fit all historic situations. May we instead
move quickly to implementations of Unicode so that every and any language
can be exchanged unambiguously world-wide.

Maurice Bauhahn

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