rendering Unicode characters: working d

From: Hart, Edwin F. (
Date: Mon Jan 13 1997 - 14:41:33 EST

With some of the recent discussions on Arabic and Indic scripts, this
document may be timely. The character-glyph model describes
coded-characters, glyphs, and some of the issues in rendering Unicode/10646
coded-characters into glyphs for displaying and printing.

We are in the process of obtaining approval of the document as an ISO
Technical Report, Type 3.

Ed Hart and Alan Griffee
The new version (1997-01-09) of the document at FTP site:
in directory (use lower-case (small) letters for the directory name)

The following are in Word for Windows 6.0/7.0 format.
Zipped files use PK-ZIP compression.

working draft for PDTR 15285
  CGM9701.ZIP: current draft (1997-01-09) (150 KB)
  CGM9701.DOC: current draft (1997-01-09) (1.06 MB)

Difference document between current (1997-01-09) working draft and 1996-08
working draft
  CGM9701D.ZIP: current draft (1997-01-10) (150 KB)
  CGM9701D.DOC: current draft (1997-01-10) (1.06 MB)

Disposition of comments on the 1996-08 version
  N1477.ZIP (1997-01-10) (18 KB)

Cover Letter for working draft for PDTR 15285
  N1478.ZIP (1997-01-10) (2 KB)

Ed Hart and Al Griffee

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