Re: New Hebrew character FB1D

From: Jonathan Rosenne (
Date: Sat Jan 18 1997 - 13:37:35 EST

Michael Everson wrote:
>>I saw in the Unicode home page that it had been accepted to add a new
>>character FB1D Hebrew Yod with Hiriq.
>>Could anyone please send me the proposed name and properties of this
>I'm fairly sure it's HEBREW LETTER YOD WITH HIRIQ. It's used in Yiddish,
>for instance you write YOD - YOD-HIRIQ - DALET - YOD - SHIN to write the
>word Yiddish in Yiddish.

1. In Hebrew it would be Yod Hiriq Yod Dalet Hiriq Yod Shin, when fully
pointed. The proposed letter would have to be Hiriq Yod, the Hiriq
attaching to the preceding letter. This (representing the Hebrew vowel full
Hiriq) was included in the early drafts of 10646 but was later dropped.

2. A character used solely for Yiddish should be named accordingly.


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