Re: IME for Windows NT

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Mon Jan 20 1997 - 14:38:38 EST

Christopher Hogan writes:

> We're trying to build a user interface for Windows NT that
> incorporates Unicode. [...] Anyone have any ideas? Either commercial
> software or non-commercial code would be wonderful.

If you're doing the entire UI, then just put a layer between the physical
keyboard and the event-consumption mechanism of your UI layer. You might
consider forcing use of a keyboard that has certain characteristics you want
(e.g., 101-key or whatever), or prepare to map from whatever NT gives you into
the Unicode sequences you want. Easier said than done, of course. You need
to take into account the IME support in the various Asian implementations of

At the risk of being accused of advertising, I could point out that my company
has shipped a UI package, running on NT, which handles Unicode input, with IME
support as well, and that you could find out more by pointing your browser at


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