RE: Arabic variants of comma, semicolon and question mark.

From: David Brown (
Date: Thu Jan 23 1997 - 12:38:22 EST

Thanks, Jonathan.

Yes, all three have inverted forms as unicode characters (unlike some of the 'mirrored characters' in table 4-7 such as 2201 and 2202).

You say you haven't seen the question mark inverted - would it be undesirable to do so in a Hebrew right to left context?

Thanks - Dave.

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Subject: Arabic variants of comma, semicolon and question mark.

David Brown wrote:
>It's my experience that the Arabic (right to left facing) glyph variants of
>coma, semicolon and question mark are substituted for 2C, 3B and 3F when
>displayed in a right to left context.

I cannot answer for Arabic, but the matter had been discussed at the SII
concerning Hebrew. I haven't seen the question mark inverted, but some
people invert the comma and the semicolon. It had been decided that this is
a rendering issue and not a character set issue.

Have you seen the Arabic comma, semicolon and question mark (060c, 061b,
061f)? See also page 6-22 in Unicode 2.0.


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