Re: Tibetan stacks

From: Michael Forgey (
Date: Thu Jan 23 1997 - 20:17:39 EST


> There is a way out of this, somewhat, but I am not sure whether it
> works with all font technologies (any information about this is
> very wellcome!). The idea is to have glyphs in the font that are
> responsible for spacing only. To take a simlpe example, immagine
> rendering a A-Umlaut from its components, with the two dots glyph
> designed so that it matches lower case. To position it on an
> upper case letter, the following sequence of glyphs would be rendered:
> <A><spacing up><two dots><spacing down>

Do you know specifically what type of font could use this approach?
Are <spacing up> and <spacing down> really glyphs in the font, or are they
control codes?


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