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Date: Sat Jan 25 1997 - 07:34:15 EST

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>In the latest updates on the page, there is mention
>that the range of 3400..4DFF has been reserved for 6585 characters
>called "CJK Unified Ideograph, Extension A. ". These have apparently
>passed level 3 acceptance.

They were just accepted by SC2/WG2 this week for progression to
what we refer to as stage 3 processing (meaning code positions have
been assigned). A draft pDAM (proposed draft amendment) will be
prepared and reviewed at the next WG2 meeting in June after which
it will be sent to SC2 to be distributed to national standard bodies
for balloting. The results of the ballot will likely not be available
until meeting 34 of WG2, currently scheduled for March 1998. If
the ballot fails conditionally, additional actions will be taken by
WG2 to attempt to turn conditional no votes into yes votes so that
the ballot may pass.

>Are there any cross reference tables to other standards for these
>new characters? Presummably, the other standards would be CNS
>or CCCII - as all the characters from the more common GB2312 and
>Big5 sets are already in Unicode.

The sources of the new ideographs are various, and include:

GB7589-87 (China) (*)
GB7590-87 (China) (*)
General Purpose Hanzi List for Modern Chinese Language (China) (*)
Singapore Characters
CNS11643-1992, planes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 15 (Taiwan) (*)
Unified Japanese IT Vendors Contemporary Ideographs 1993 (Japan)
PKS C5700-2 1994 (Korea)
TCVN 5773:1993 (Vietnam)

Not all characters from the above sources marked with (*) are included
in the Unified Ideograph collection of 10646 as conditionally extended by
Extension A.

Of the 6585 proposed ideographs, approximately 2000 are unique in the
sense that they appear in only one of the above sources. The remainder
appear in more than one source and are unified.

If and when Extension A is accepted and published, the appropriate
cross mapping information will be provided to implementers.

Glenn Adams


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