FW: Unicode on Windows question

From: Lori Brownell (loribr@MICROSOFT.com)
Date: Tue Jan 28 1997 - 12:14:54 EST

>From: unicore@Unicode.ORG
>Sent: Monday, January 27, 1997 7:20:24 PM
>To: unicore@Unicode.ORG
>Subject: Unicode on Windows question
>Q1: Some time ago there was a message about magic how to enable one of
>the browsers to display Unicode on NT 4.0. Can anyone point me to how to
>do this?
>[Lori Brownell] Internet Explorer 3 uses Unicode to display non ANSI
>scripts. It does this by translating all of the various charset based text
>into Unicode via the MultiByteToWideChar API in Windows95 and Windows NT. If
>you want to install all of the NT4 translation tables, then go to the
>\langpack directory on the NT4 CD and right mouse click on the various
>language .inf files then select "Install" from the menu. This will install
>what you need to let IE3 display data from any of the supported charsets for
>these languages. You can also install these langpacks from IE3, as they are
>shipped with both.
>Q2: is there any easier way to input a specific Unicode character on NT
>than: select Start, select Accessories, select the Character Map
>accessory, click on the Subset drop-down list, scroll to the right
>subset, scroll to the right window of the subset (if it is large), click
>on the right character, hit the select button, hit the copy button, then
>paste into the application?
>[Lori Brownell] No, not today. This will change in NT5 when there will be a
>direct way of inputting Unicode code points.

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