Re: Unicode on Windows question

From: Glen C. Perkins (
Date: Wed Jan 29 1997 - 13:28:39 EST

Lori Brownell <> wrote:

> >Q2: is there any easier way to input a specific Unicode character on NT
> >than: select Start, select Accessories, select the Character Map
> >accessory...
> >
> [Lori Brownell] No, not today. This will change in NT5 when there will be a
> direct way of inputting Unicode code points.

Lori, what is the current estimated shipping date for NT5?

How will this multilingual capability be delivered? Language packs (with
IMEs) included on the CD? Downloadable? For sale separately?

How well is the US version of Office97 expected to work on a
multilingual NT5 machine? For example, will US-Access97 be able to
handle the input and display of CJK text?

__Glen Perkins__

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