RE: Unicode on Windows question

From: Lori Brownell (
Date: Wed Jan 29 1997 - 23:38:46 EST

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>From: Glen C. Perkins []
>> >Q2: is there any easier way to input a specific Unicode character on NT
>> >than: select Start, select Accessories, select the Character Map
>> >accessory...
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>> [Lori Brownell] No, not today. This will change in NT5 when there will be
>> direct way of inputting Unicode code points.
>Lori, what is the current estimated shipping date for NT5?
>[Lori Brownell] A Beta is currently planned for mid-97. We don't publish
>any dates beyond the next planned release, so I can't really answer your
>How will this multilingual capability be delivered? Language packs (with
>IMEs) included on the CD? Downloadable? For sale separately?
>[Lori Brownell] It will be included on all language versions of the NT CDs.
>No separate package to buy, download, or anything else. It's part of the
>standard product.
>How well is the US version of Office97 expected to work on a
>multilingual NT5 machine? For example, will US-Access97 be able to
>handle the input and display of CJK text?
>[Lori Brownell] Office and Access97 are 2 different questions. Word, Excel
>and Powerpoint work great. I'm not sure about Access, I haven't actually
>tried it. However, I asked some of our Access developers and they believe
>that in general, Access97 will not process DBCS data very well, since it is
>not Unicode based. Access98 will be much better for this.

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