Re: regular expressions

From: Alain LaBont/e'/ (
Date: Thu Jan 30 1997 - 16:24:31 EST

At 12:59 97-01-30 -0800, Mark Davis wrote:
>[A-C,a-c,@Sc!$] meaning letters a-z and currency symbols, except for $
    ^Z ^z

Sorry for my ignorance, but does it means a to z including <a!> (`), <a^>
(b), <c,> (g) [and upper case and so on] too? What about the Icelandic
"thorn", which in CAN/CSA standard Z243.4.1 (Ordering) comes with "th" while
in the European prenorm on ordering and in ISO/IEC CD 14651 it comes after "z"?

Just a question like that... I'm curious... these things never worked so far
in non-English speaking environments... but a miracle is always possible...
and I believe in miracles... I make them happen when I have no other means (:

Alain LaBont<e'>

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