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From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Thu Jan 30 1997 - 19:35:11 EST

    Alain> Sorry for my ignorance, but does it means a to z including <a!>
    Alain> (`), <a^> (b), <c,> (g) [and upper case and so on] too? What about
    Alain> the Icelandic "thorn", which in CAN/CSA standard Z243.4.1
    Alain> (Ordering) comes with "th" while in the European prenorm on
    Alain> ordering and in ISO/IEC CD 14651 it comes after "z"?

Ahh. The "collation" problem becomes clear to me!

So it boils down to the "naming" problem again. Does [a-z] mean:

 1. [a-z] only?

 2. all lower case Latin letters?

 3. [a-z] plus the subset of accented lower case Latin letters that are
    collated between "a" and "z" in the current language (leaving out letters
    that collate after "z")?

Good question. After realizing the answer wouldn't be trivial, I set the
question aside and took the expedient path: everyone is burdened with
specifying ranges explicitly.

    Alain> Just a question like that... I'm curious... these things never
    Alain> worked so far in non-English speaking environments... but a miracle
    Alain> is always possible... and I believe in miracles... I make them
    Alain> happen when I have no other means (:

That's an attitude I like :-)
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