Re: regular expressions at NMSU...!

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Thu Jan 30 1997 - 19:36:09 EST

Sorry, Mark... You know, as I wrote that, I was thinking, "I should go check
that 3 letter acronym against your incoming mail yet again" but then by the
time I finished, I forgot to do the re-check!

== ==

    Rick> While I've had replies about proprietary or "not released"
    Rick> technology, it sounds like Mark Leisher at UNM may have a solution;
    Rick> and it would be advantageous in its free availability.

> Aaaagh!! It is bad enough that many people do not know that New Mexico is
> part of the United States (I refer you to the book "One Of Our 50 Is
> published by New Mexico magazine), but to lump NMSU (the good school) with
> (the bad school 354 klicks North of the good school) is mildly offensive :-)

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