Georgian Mischief

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Jan 31 1997 - 14:56:35 EST

The Khutsuri, ecclesiastical style of Georgian is
correctly encoded in Unicode and ISO 10646.

Please read Mark Leisher's note on this issue
to see why an implementation of eccesiastical
Georgian requires the two sets. And, importantly, note
that his is an existing implementation of the
published international standard.

Georgian characters are *not* double-encoded, although
it is correct that modern Georgian is a unicameral

It is just not on the table to start a new campaign
to remove alleged mistaken characters from the
international standard (especially when they are
not mistakes). And it is particularly odious to attempt
to sneak through a change from the SC2 level, without
technical input from WG2 or the Unicode Consortium, or those
who have implemented Georgian using the international

--Ken Whistler

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