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From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Sat Feb 01 1997 - 12:32:26 EST

    Marion> It also avoids any possible confusion in tired minds scanning
    Marion> mountains of e-mail in a hurry. My own first reaction to the idea
    Marion> of Georgian knowing 'no case' was -- yiy, how can such a thing be?
    Marion> -- simply because my memories of my own linguistic discussions
    Marion> with three Georgian colleagues at the Bled workshop is that they
    Marion> largely centred on questions of _grammatical_ case, that is as in
    Marion> dative versus nominative, etc., which is not at all the case in
    Marion> the current list debate!

Working in a lab consisting primarily of linguists, I get slapped on the hand
regularly for this little peccadillo (qualify the word "case" whenever talking
about something other than grammatical case).

    Marion> Now, reading it over before hitting SEND, I notice that this msg
    Marion> of mine employs three separate usages of the (Inglish) word
    Marion> 'case'.:-) mg

Uh... in this context, perhaps you meant "... three separate SENSES of the
(Englisch) word 'case'." :-)
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