RE: Translated IUC10 Web pages: Experimental Results

From: Gavin Nicol (
Date: Wed Feb 05 1997 - 08:53:49 EST

>Our assumption was that UTF-8 was the only Web-safe encoding that was
>reasonably likely to be adopted by browsers in the near future. Is that
>the consensus, or are raw UCS2 encodings being considered actively by
>people on this alias?

We have a server capable of sending out raw UCS-2, and if client
supported it, it would be desireable to do do.

>Also, it is interesting to note that
>contains a META tag claiming the file is UTF-8, although of course it is
>not. This is one of the dangers of using META tags, or of changing
>encodings of existing files without handling META tags, depending on
>your viewpoint.

<META> in HTML, <?XML> in XML... where will it stop...

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