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Date: Fri Feb 07 1997 - 11:40:15 EST

> You've got your terms wrong, but I would dispute this. AaBbCcDdEeFfGg is
> normal for English (remember the alphabet chart in your classroom, Mark?);
> aAbBcCdDeEfFgG is not. I would consider...
> to be correct in English. See
> for a discussion of the

The examples you cite in your paper seem to have little to do with
ordering of words.

1. Outlines...
From your principle, you you would sort I<II<...A<B...<1<2...<a<b...
I don't know about Ireland, but in the US (or at least California; can't
speak for Easterners) we would not sort digits between uppercase and

> "order of honour" ... "feeling" ... August should precede august
This is rather circular. Lots of people have "feelings", and not all of
these are the same as yours.

> We write Aachen. We don't write aAchen.
I'm puzzled. What does the fact that we capitalize the first letter
within a word have to do with the order of words?

> Historically, CAPITAL LETTERS existed before the small letters. (Well, they DID.)
I take it you would then sort Z<J<W!
We do not, in general sort each letter by its historical introduction.

Myself, I don't care either way. The only real issue is what people's
expectations are for real sorted list; that is established by looking at
live examples (dictionaries, phonebooks, etc.). The COED is certainly
strong evidence for one direction; most of the other dictionaries we
have consulted use the other (lowercase before uppercase).

In the end, ideally you would have a toggle, as ISO CD 14561 specifies.


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