RE: Translated IUC10 Web pages: Experimental Results

From: Martin J. Duerst (
Date: Mon Feb 10 1997 - 09:39:16 EST

On Wed, 5 Feb 1997 Gavin Nicol wrote:

> >HTTP, the main protocol used to serve Web documents, has absolutely
> >no problems transmitting UCS2 or any other kind of "binary" data.
> How about the "text/html" vs "application/html" thing (canonical
> mime representation for text types requring CRLF). Has that been
> resolved?

Yes, it has been resolved. It is "text/html" both in MIME mail and
in HTTP. However, MIME mail has different requirements for line
endings than HTTP. MIME mail uses CRLF, in HTTP, any of CR, LF,
or CRLF is fine. Care is needed when converting from HTTP to MIME
mail (e.g. in case of mhtml). This applies not only to HTML, but
to any text type. In addition, MIME mail requires that CRLF appears
as such, whereas for HTTP, any line ending convention according to
the "charset" parameter is okay. Thus UCS2 is okay for HTTP, but
is not allowed for MIME mail, as it may represent line ends
as NULL CR NULL LF, or something else, but is unable to represent
line ends as CRLF (and can, with some character combinations,
appear to contain CRLF as a byte sequence in completely different
circumstances). "application/html" is nonexistent.

Hope this helps, Martin.

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