Re: Web browsers and the new language code for Hebrew

From: Koen Holtman (
Date: Mon Feb 10 1997 - 12:24:36 EST

Misha Wolf:
>What I want to raise is a very particular problem: Two of the browsers that
>handle Hebrew (maybe this should read "The two browsers that handle
>Hebrew"), recognise the old language code ("iw") but not the new one ("he").

Why do these browsers need a language code at all? Can't they just rely on
the charset value?

>This is very worrying. I hope the vendors will speedily enhance their
>products to recognise both the old and new codes.
>This leaves us with a very specific problem in regard to the IUC10 Web pages
>at <>. Should we use the old code for
>Hebrew, so that the browsers recognise it and display it, or the new one so
>as to encourage the vendors to fix their browsers, with the disadvantage
>that the text won't display correctly?

I don't know if this makes things easier, but you have a third option: put
both the old and the new code in the accept-language field (you must use a
comma as the separator).



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