Re: nbsp and symbol boxes

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Mon Feb 10 1997 - 19:23:28 EST

    Murray> In Microsoft Word, Ctrl+Shift+Space generates NBSP and you can
    Murray> change that to something else if you desire. But I don't know of
    Murray> a more widespread Windows standard. Actually this omission is
    Murray> just the tip of a symbol iceberg: we need good ways to enter a
    Murray> myriad Unicode characters. This alias has seen a discussion of
    Murray> using the Unicode value to enter characters, but we clearly need
    Murray> more powerful approaches with user-customizable on-screen
    Murray> keyboards and symbol boxes.

Definite agreement there. I have found that users like complete customization
of their keyboards as well as the ability to set up custom "symbol boxes."
One approach I have been trying recently is loading fonts into a grid and
letting the user drag and drop the glyphs they want onto an on-screen
keyboard or a symbol box. I have only done a few user tests so far, but the
"test subjects" seem to really like it so far.
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