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Date: Sat May 17 1997 - 19:56:44 EDT

Frank da Cruz asked:
>(And still are...) Now there's an interesting point. Unicode has addressed
the CR/LF/CRLF confusion with LS and PS, but what about formfeed? Isn't it
sometimes just as necessary to specify a hard page break as it is to specify a
hard line or paragraph break? I suppose there must be a boundary somewhere
between "Trust your rendering engine" and "Mother, Please! I'd rather do it
myself!" I don't have a copy handy, and I might be entirely wrong about this,
but isn't the Holy Koran a document that must be paginated in a specific way?

It isn't. My Egyptian Qur'an is one continuous text flow; the heading
of a surah may even occur right at the bottom of a page. But there are
such documents; the example of legal documents was brought up recently
wrt SGML style sheets.

From an SGML point of view, I want to separate lines and paragraphs
in my SGML markup. That's how I'd expect to obtain longevity for the
text, not through LS and PS. CR and LF and SGML's difficulty in
dealing with them (now redressed partially in XML) are bad enough.
In SGML I can't see using LS or PS.

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