RCSU implementation sought

From: Mirko Raner (raner@mathema.de)
Date: Mon May 19 1997 - 12:53:37 EDT

Dear Unicoders!

Our company is currently performing some experiments on efficient compression of
Unicode character streams. For tests and comparisons we still need an
implementation of the RCSU algortihm (Reuters Compression Scheme for Unicode).

As there are surely some people who already have implemented this algorithm it
seems to be wasted time if we did it again. So, if there is someone who has an
RCSU implementation, we would really appreciate it if he could send us a copy of
the sources by email or tell us where to get them.

Thanks very much in advance!
All comments will be appreciated!

Best regards,

Mirko Raner
Software Developer
MATHEMA Software GmbH

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