Re: Unicode plain text (Was: Line Separator Character)

From: Mark Liberman (
Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 08:37:19 EDT

>>> private use characters
>>Also specified by the standard, although the interpretation of
>>particular usages of private use characters is, by definition, out
>>of scope for the standard. But there has been some effort by people
>>to make available specifications of their particular private or
>>corporate private usage repertoires of private use characters.

Might it make sense for someone to set up a voluntary on-line registry
of private-use character repertoires, in a defined format and with
defined naming conventions?

Although the contents of such a registry would be by definition outside
of the scope of the Unicode standard, its existence and use would be
dependent on Unicode and meaningful only in the context of Unicode,
so this would not be an implausible thing for the Unicode consortium
to manage.

Perhaps this has already been established, but if so, I have not been
able to find it on the net.

        -Mark Liberman

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