Re: Unicode plain-text file

From: Edward Cherlin (
Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 16:23:14 EDT

>> ** FF is higher-level formatting, you'd have to interpret it separately.
>> @@ In particular, you would definitely interpret it as a block separator.

No, no, please, no! Whitespace, please, or some new category. FF can come
in the middle of a paragraph, or a sentence, or even a word.

>That's one area where I'd love more guidance from Unicode. FF is, I think,
>a reasonable requirement for plain-text files, so I would have liked
>Unicode to tell me more about it, or provide a PAS -- page separator.

>P.S.3. Someone in this thread stated that LF was a paragraph separator
>in Unix. I see it as a line separator.

Another good example of the confusion we need to prevent.

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