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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Mon May 26 1997 - 15:35:29 EDT

At 09:19 -0700 1997-05-26, Pierre Lewus wrote:
>In message "Re: Unicode plain text", Edward writes:
>> Although we have been promised a complete set of Everson Mono fonts, there
>> are syllabic scripts that are almost entirely unreadable in fixed width.

Hm. Canadian Syllabics, Cherokee, and Linear B look pretty good in
monowidth. Indic scripts aren't very nice in monowidth; I may take the
Indic typewriter approach and use half-width and full widths.

>I'm not saying plain text needs to be fixed width.

Nor am I... but monowidth has a particular utility, and as I have said, I
imagine that when EM is done, nobody will bother to do it again....

>> Georgian, Armenian, Cherokee, Cree, Mongolian... However, Hebrew with
>> vowels and Arabic with or without vowels would look ghastly in monospace,

They certainly look unusual. But they are legible -- so said my testers.

Combining diacritics, of course, work really nicely in monowidth. :-)

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